Music Copyright fund

Management of Music Copyright Fund that Combines Music Copyright and Finance



E&E and B2B Systems
Using Global Audition Platforms



Revenue Generation Systems for  Copyright (IP) and Advertising Using Remakes


global music artist

Global Music Artist Raising & Supporting System


multi-culture complex

Multi-culture Complex for Performance & Community


digital assetization

Digital Assetization of Pine Muse Ecosyste

Global K-Remake Music Platform

The new sensation of music platform
Conceptual sphere made by musical notes, 3d rendering

A monthly remake music audition challenge!

Through the Pine Audition (arrangement), Muse Audition (singing), and Shortform Challenge (general public) held monthly for domestic and international artists, composers can freely arrange the target song with their own style and emotions, singers can show off their vocal skills through confident entries, and the general public can unleash their talents through various freeform shortform videos.

Become a global Music star in Pine Muse !

Both Pine Audition’s winners(composer) and Muse Audition’s winners(singer) will each participate as the arranger and featuring singer of Pine Muse regular remake album, which famous K-pop singers and K-pop composers participate in.

Pine audition winners will be trained to enhance one’s own composing skills, having famous K-pop composers as a mentor, while the Muse audition winners will be supported to become a global music star through ‘K-pop Specialized Artist Comprehensive Education & Management’ from famous K-pop trainers such as vocal, dance, styling, fashion hair and make-up.


Every users can share profits in Pine Muse through listening, enjoying, and voting. (Enjoy & Earn) !

Every users (artists, general users) who uses Pine muse platform will be compensated with the profits from the audition process and the neighboring rights from Pine Muse’s regular-released K-pop remake album, according to their contributions.
General users can listen and enjoy remake audition entry videos of various sentiments and genres while being compensated by voting for their favorite artists’ songs. Artists can be compensated according to their rankings if their own audition entry songs are within the top 30% ranking as well as being sponsored by fans through issuing Fandom NFT.

Pine Muse Global K-remake music audition with 100 % user’s vote !

Pine Muse online remake audition will only have 100% of global users vote to decide the winners, excluding the evaluation from experts.