“Back in our day~ Almost every hit song came from a music festival, didn’t it~?”

Shin Hae-chul, Bae Chul-soo, Sanwoolim, Hong Seo-beom, No Sa-yeon, Lee Sang-eun, etc…
Back in the day, college students were the driving force behind numerous smash hits!

With just an acoustic guitar, they delivered raw emotion,
And though lacking catchy hooks, their lyrics felt like heartfelt poetry,
The iconic tunes of the 70s to the 90s are making a comeback through K-Vintage POP audition!

Where the cherished memories of the 70-90s crowd collide with
the curiosity of the MZ generation, shaping tomorrow’s culture!

Adding excitement to the laid-back K-music scene,
The original audition show! The ‘New-turns’ of ‘Campus Song’!

Who will become the ‘New-Turns’, embodying the youthful spirit and refined expression of ‘Campus Song’?


기획 | 윤현준

연출 | 심우진, 위재혁, 김규리, 이은진, 김다영글, 김요셉, 이소림, 장유진, 조세훈, 박지희, 김나은, 박근수, 이수빈, 조고운, 류지은

작가 | 하경화, 정수빈, 남은경, 양수화, 권정원, 최보미, 김수민, 강혜민, 최은경, 이세연, 홍예원, 김하경